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Plain Stationery

Plain Daily Rubber Stamps


Daily stamps designed by Plain Stationery are simple yet useful to record our daily routines or small events happening around us everyday.



ShoppingCookingPresentation/Meeting & Cafe-hopping, which are closely related to our working and leisure activities in daily lives!
Running toward a new year! Besides for recording you went for a run today, you could use this adorable stamp to indicate some urgent tasks too!  
Painting: Besides for recording your daily drawing/painting activity, you could use this rubber stamp to document your ink colours or to write notes/messages, which is a multipurpose rubber stamp. 
Movie Time: Use it together with your movie ticket/receipt or movie reviews, it would make your journal even more interesting!  


Today's Stamp Storage Boxes which are perfect for holding your rubber stamp collection are available now in 6 different patterns.


Size: 2x2x2.5cm & 2x2x1.5cm

Designed by Plain Stationery 

Made in Taiwan